A Fresh and Effective look at Pension Care
Did you know that establishing pension plans for your employees could save you money? Besides the fact that the cost of pension plans is tax deductible, offering your employees an additional benefit (incentive) creates goodwill and leads to more employee loyalty.

Vidanova can make Pension Plans work for you.
Since we are a non-profit organization (no shareholders to pay dividend to) and do not have to pay profit tax, all returns are used for the benefit of the participants. This enables us to provide excellent prices and superb quality.

Depending on your organization's needs and your financing ability, we offer a wide array of pension plans. You can choose from either 7 defined benefit pension arrangements (2 final pay arrangements and 5 average index payment plans) or 13 defined contribution plans.

Through Vidanova Pension Management, a subsidiary of Vidanova Pension Fund, we can also offer pension and related administration services to other pension entities

Vidanova has set its strategic objectives and developed a business plan in order to accommodate companies that comply with acceptance criteria based on their specific needs. Vidanova can assist management and representatives of participants in the development of a pension plan that fits their needs and falls within their risk tolerance and financial capabilities. We can also provide you with specific presentations to various stakeholders and/or groups of interest on Vidanova and its pension products.

Free Quotation :
In order for us to make an offer please send us an email on the address below. We will need specific financial and participants information of your company and participants in order to evaluate all related risk factors.

For more information e-mail or call us at 599-9-734-4222