We offer pension management services to companies with their own pension funds.

You can focus on running your company while we run your pension adminstration for you.

Through Vidanova Pension Management, a subsidiary of Vidanova Pension Fund, we can establish, if you so wish, a proprietary pension fund for your organization and conveniently handle all management, investment, and administrative tasks on your behalf.

Vidanova has set its strategic objectives and developed a business plan in order to accommodate companies that fulfill the acceptance criteria based on their specific needs. Vidanova can assist management and representatives of participants in the development of a pension plan that fits their needs and falls within their risk tolerance and financial capabilities. We can also provide you with specific presentations to various stakeholders and/or groups of interest about Vidanova and its pension products.

At Vidanova, we eliminate any problems companies might have in order to provide quality and hassle-free pension plans to their employees.

Contact us to visit your company for a free consultation.