Are you married? How many kids do you plan on having? Would you like to cut back on your hours at work to take care of them? Or are you a single parent? Or what if you get a 10% raise for five consecutive years?

How will these and other changes in your life affect your pension premiums?

Planning your retirement has never been easier. With the new Vidanova Pension Planner all members can access their own pension scheme containing real and up-to-date figures of their Vidanova pension. You can choose which changes you want to incorporate and let the planner calculate how this will affect your future premiums upon retirement.
We put you in control of your pension with the Pension Planner. You can adjust the figures to suit your personal situations to see how the different changes in your life affect your retirement plan. This new Vidanova service is an excellent and unique tool to help you plan for the future. 

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