The entities listed below are responsible for the core of our organization..

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Plan Administrator, Trustee, & Recordkeeper:

Board of Supervisory Directors:
Mr. A.C. Haile (Independent Chairman)
Mr. S.A. Frankena (Secretary)
Mr. M.A. Dorego
Mr. S. Antonisia
Mr. R. Ricardo
Mrs. H. Etnel
Mr. M.D. Manuela
Mr. J.R.E. Soliano
Mr. D. Salomons
Mr. R. Sprecher
Mr. H. Doran
Mrs. A. Martha-Weert
Mr. I. Hanst
Mr. R. Maduro
Mr. G.G.A. Cijntje
Mr. P.A. Gunasekera
Mr. A. Brobbel

Board of Managing Directors:
Mr. Humberto d'Abreu de Paulo, MBA, Independent President
Drs. W.F. Curiel RA, Treasurer
Mrs. R. Pichardo Mphil, Secretary

Vidanova Pension Management:
Mrs. Drs. Charlene C. Alberto, Executive Director
Mr. Ulrich Dalnoot RA, Finance Manager

Mr. D. Meilink AAG, Internal Actuary
Mrs. Calvia Kalkuins, Coordinator Financial Affairs

Mrs. Marvella Stewart, Coordinator Pensions
Mrs. Ludmilla Sampson, Collaborator Finance and payroll
Mr. Liugi (Gino) Samson, Collaborator Pensions
Mrs. Joan Daflaar, Receptionist

Actuary & Benefits Consultant:


Investment Consultant:
LCG Associates

Bank of New York Mellon