Vidanova strives to offer its members a one-stop shopping address for all their financial needs. The strategic alliances that Vidanova is currently establishing, and the future relationships that they have slated to pursue, are as a result of the recent implementation of the company’s business model. It is one in which Vidanova can now provide a wide array of financial products to its members by partnering with other companies.

IFS Business Model:
Integrating Services to cater to our Member’s Lifecycle Needs
Vidanova’s new business model is based on the IFS (Integrated Financial Services) principles that indicate that the client’s needs are different at each stage in life and therefore the products and services that they require will also differ at each of these stages. In addition, the client’s needs reflect a broader array of financial solutions throughout their life cycle and are not only limited to pensions.

By establishing alliances with other companies, Vidanova can offer new products and benefits to their clients without the hassle of having to go to each of those companies. Members can now find all their financial products under one roof. And vice versa: the allied companies now offer their retired clients pension plans that are powered by Vidanova.

It is Vidanova’s goal to provide its members with one-stop shopping for a full range of financial solutions for each stage of their lives.